♣  A very popular presentation of Close-Up magic and can be
combined with ‘Mix-’n’-Mingle’ .… usually with Charlie !!

Here are some pics of Chris & Charlie ‘in action’ presenting ‘Magic-on-the-Move’

The picture above was taken at Barnsdale Gardens (Rutland) http://www.barnsdalegardens.co.uk/

where Charlie made friends with 9-year-old Olivia

(it was an on-and-off sunny day … hence the dark glasses !!


The following pics were taken at a major Supermarket ‘promo’

(Charlie was there, but didn’t appear in any of these pictures …aaah !!).

Here’s Chris, at the same event, doing his ‘party trick’  …. balancing a Kid’s

baseball cap on his nose, with absolutely no wires or any other means of support !

Despite nobody appearing to be taking any notice, the audience were very impressed !!

Here’s a young lady seemingly much-amused

with something Charlie was saying or doing!!

Girl & Charlie

This amazing pen-sketch of Chris & Charlie ‘in action’ was done by one of

the residents at a home for senior citizens in Peterborough, during a Show!!

Sketch 1

♣ In a bar in Mayrhofen, Austria, here’s a very happy-looking  ‘volunteer’,

Colin, about to have his thumb chopped-off !!

We were on holiday…..does this man never stop ??

Obviously not…..he’s at it again, this time with two young ladies in an Austrian bowling alley !!

(‘nothing up my sleeves !!’)

A poem by old friend Len Lee (aged 99 !!) sums it all up:

‘Two elastic bands plus magical hands

Create illusion and confusion’

♣ Just for a bit of fun, here’s a ‘mind-bender’ which I hope you enjoy; just click on this link:


And finally …….. if you want a pic to publicise Chris & Charlie

being at your event then here are a couple to choose from !!

Just ‘hover’, then copy & paste, and print-off … simples !!

or with less info…….

Chris & Charlie (SH)

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