Chris’s first TV appearance was on ‘New Faces’ in 1986.  Here it is……….

You will notice that Desmond was smaller then …. he was quite young !!

Mind you Chris was a lot younger …. and smaller…. too !!

New Faces ’86

Over the years there have been numerous TV & Radio appearances,

including (not necessarily in date order)

‘The Weakest Link’ (I didn’t win, but got through to the last 3 !! We woz robbed !!)

‘Graham Norton Show’; ‘Brainiac’Ch4’s ‘3-minute Wonder’; ‘AA’ TV advert;

‘Casualty’ (featured role as ‘Arthur Brain & Neville’); 

‘Barrymore’ (and ‘Barrymore, the best bits’); ‘Make My Day’

‘TFI Friday’‘The Warehouse’ (watch it here…… Saw The Duck’s Head Off);

‘The BIG Breakfast’‘Guys ‘n’ Dolls’; ‘Live Wire’;

‘Look East’; Sky Sport (!!); e4; UK GoldSilent Witness (walk-on part !!)

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